Find the clues. Solve the puzzles.


You will need more than just your wits…

You will need help from your teammates if you want to survive these Exit Games.

You and your friends just entered a room with no windows and one door. As the last person enters the door shuts and locks behind you, you’re trapped. You tell yourself to keep calm but you see strange items in odd places around the room and that doesn’t make it any easier. A timer on the wall reads 50 minutes, it starts to tick down towards zero.

Do you you and your friends have what it takes to solve the puzzles, follow the clues and escape the room in 50 minutes? This is your quest, should you choose to accept it..

“Went with my family and had a great time. The staff was all very friendly and helpful. She helped us with just enough of the clue to get us going again. Would defiantly recommend to friends to try it out.”

“A little lost to start out with but once it clicked it was intense, challenging and fun with our group. The guide Spencer was great!!! Funny, sarcastic, and helpful. It was a great experience and we are looking for another one. Thanks for a good time!”

“We had a great time although we only made it half way. Clues were challenging, which was perfect. We didn’t know what to expect, being first timers. I definitely recommend this to anyone who’s up for a challenging time and great laughs.”


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